21st Century Lesson Plan

One of my goals as an educator is to incorporate more technology into my classroom.  I am always trying to find ways to do this and sometime I find it difficult to find time during the school day to actually do this.  I think I sometimes forget that incorporating technology does not have to be an extra thing during the school day, it can be integrated into my planned lessons.  In the beginning of CEP 810 in my “Mindsets for Technology Integration” discussion post I stated, “One mindset that I have identified as essential for my own professional growth as a teacher and technology integrator is that my students and I are co-learners.  The ISTE NETS site states, ‘Moving forward, teachers must become comfortable being co-learners with their students and colleagues around the world.’  Even though my students are young they know how to use technology.”  I think it is important that I keep this in mind when planning lessons.  My students are very capable of figuring out how a particular program works if I give them time.  I do not always have to have the answers because my students and I are co-learners.  I created a 21st century lesson plan that integrates one digital technology that I explored this past week that expects students to create or publish a story into a digital story.  I explored Storybird.  This particular lesson is aligned with my districts curriculum.  My first grade students are expected to edit and publish their writing.  Usually my students do this on paper with pencil and crayons, but I think it would be so neat to give students the opportunity to create and publish a digital story that could be found in a digital library.  This lesson gives students an opportunity to play with a new piece of digital technology and create a story that is published to a library.

Click here to view my 21st century lesson plan!


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