Networked Learning Project Post #3

I thoroughly enjoyed creating a scarf for my Networked Learning project.  I have always wanted to learn how to knit and this project pushed me to do so.  In my video posted below I state my learning goal from this project, which is, to learn how to knit a scarf using YouTube and other various online resources.  I researched several different sources to use to learn how to knit, from written directions online to YouTube videos.  I decided to use one YouTube video that I felt best explained and modeled the knitting process.  Click here to see the video that I used.  In my video I also explain the challenges I faced when learning how to knit.  When starting the knitting process one must “cast on” the yarn onto one of the needles.  This was a very hard step for me to accomplish and I had to re-watch the video several times, pause it, try to do it, then pause it again.  This was frustrating and I began to feel discouraged.  Once I did it and got the hang of knitting, it got easier and more enjoyable.  I originally wanted to make an infinity scarf and changed my thinking once I learned what I was doing.  I feel knitting is a skill that one gets good at by practicing, just like anything really.  I feel I will continue to use YouTube to help me learn how to do things.  I feel that there are particular basic skills that “networks” can not teach a person.  I believe a young student (first grader) would have a hard time learning how to knit using YouTube.  I think age and background experiences play a role in learning how to do something using a particular online resource.  A young learner does not really have the skills to do this quite yet.  I am glad I was able to take part in this project and gain a new skill.  I am already planning my next knitting project!


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