Networked Learning Project Post #2



I am almost done knitting my first scarf! I began by going to Jo-Ann’s and picking up some red yarn and 14 inch needles. I had read that it is much easier to knit with thicker yarn and bigger needles.  After I picked up my supplies I went home and began the knitting process.  When I first started I really struggled.  I had two computers open with two different YouTube videos going.  To begin the knitting process one must cast on the first stitch.  I could not do this.  I watched and re-watched various videos.  I would watch the video, pause the video, try to do it, then go back and re-watch the video.  I started to get very frustrated and discouraged because I could not do it.  I struggled holding the needles and yarn.  When I finally got it and was able to cast on my first stitch, I continued the same process until I had 20 stitches.  I decided to make my scarf a little bit larger since I plan on wearing it in the winter.  After I casted on my first stitch and added 19 more I was able to begin knitting.  I still had a difficult time figuring out how to hold the needles in my hand and switch the yarn back and forth between the two different needles without losing the yarn or the stitch.  I actually started a scarf and got about four rows of stitches in and had to stop and start over because I lost a stitch and lost what I had of the scarf I was knitting.  My second time around I had much better luck and now I am almost done!  The main resource that I used to learn how to knit was YouTube.  I just typed in “how to knit a scarf” in the search bar.  It was helpful to hear a person explaining what to do and see the person actually doing it.  The most helpful part of the YouTube video that I watched was the zoom in of the persons hands knitting.  I am a hands on learner so it was helpful to watch and then try.  I feel I am really getting the hang of knitting and it is very relaxing.  I enjoy making crafts and knitting is something that is soothing.  It has been neat to watch my scarf grow over the past few days.  I am almost to end of my scarf, just a few more rows to go and I will have to add the finishing touches.  I am excited that I have gained this skill and I am excited to make more scarfs and possibly a blanket.  There were so many pretty yarns available at Jo-Ann’s that I would want to use.  I liked that I was able to learn this skill quickly and the YouTube video was helpful.  I feel the only way to get better at knitting or really anything is practicing and giving it a try. In my first grade classroom I always tell my students, “Smile and try your best!”  This same idea goes to learning how to knit.  I just have to keep trying and practicing to get better.  Here is a quick video of me knitting!


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