GTD Thoughts

The tool that I attempted to use was Wunderlist.  One thing that I love to do is make a list and then cross off the things as I go.  It helps me feel accomplished.  I have a problem and that is that I make too many sticky note lists.  I stick these lists on my computer, notebooks and even in my purse.  I can’t keep track of all of my lists.  When I get very busy I make a list.  I liked the idea of having an app on my phone that would allow me to make a list and check it off as I go.  Wunderlist is neat because it allows one to share their lists with others.  I think this app can really come in handy at work.  My colleagues/teammates and I do a lot of planning together.  We split up jobs and before big events at school we plan who is going to bring what.  Wunderlist would allow us to make a list together and as we go out to get items we could check it off and see who got what.  I  also could see this app coming in handy when planning future events at work when a lot of people have to bring different items and even future personal events.  I think this app is great but, I will always have a love for making sticky note lists.  I also explored Pinterest a little bit more.  I have been using Pinterest for a few years now, but I recently began sharing my Pins with my colleague.  Pinterest is another great resource to organize ideas or to gain inspiration for future projects.  I get a lot of art project ideas for my classroom from Pinterest.  I can find a craft on Pinterest and type in what I need to get on Wunderlist!  Both tools are great and allow people to stay connected and share their ideas and plans.


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