Networked Learning Project Post #1

For my Networked Learning Project I decided that I would like to learn how to knit a scarf.  With fall and winter right around the corner, I would love a new scarf.  Knitting is something that I have always wanted to learn how to do.  My grandmothers and my mother all know how to knit and have knitted beautiful afghans for our family.  I have never taken the time to learn how to do it.  Before I knit an afghan (which is something that I would like to do one day) I think it is important I learn the basic skills of knitting.  So, I am going to start small with learning how to knit a scarf.  I feel online will have many resources to help me learn how to do this.  I have started to research what type of scarf I want to knit.  After looking at various websites, Pinterest, and really thinking about what type of scarf I would like to wear, I am leaning towards learning how to make an infinity scarf or circle scarf with a looser knit.  I want to make something that I will wear and that will match my coats and sweaters.  I found how to make an arm knitting scarf with a tutorial.  This scarf looks simple and fun to make.  I do not want to learn how to knit a scarf with a difficult pattern or design.  My goal is to start small.  I also found a chunky winter scarf that I really like with a video tutorial.  These online resources that I am finding not only provide a detail description about the materials I need but also links to video tutorials.  For this project I am going to need needles and thick yarn.  Since I want to make a looser knit scarf I am going to have to make sure I get bigger needles because bigger needles help create a looser stitch.  Also bigger needles and thicker yarn are easier to use and it makes the knitting of the scarf go much faster.  I am going to stick with one color yarn.  I am excited to begin watching these tutorials.  It is always fun to learn how to do something new.




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