CEP 810 Week 1: Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change

In CEP 810 this week I wrote an essay that describes what I believe learning is and how a teacher can support learning inside of a classroom.  In my essay I describe various teaching methods that help support learning.  Methods that I believe that can help support learning and understanding in a classroom are creating a positive learning environment, creating a classroom culture that promotes student thinking, and monitoring and reflecting on a daily basis.  I define learning as gaining new knowledge that builds off of prior knowledge.  I believe meaningful, hands-on opportunities need to be provided to students so they can gain new knowledge, but before learning can truly occur I think a teacher needs to be aware of the environment he or she created for his or her students, the language that they are choosing to use inside of the classroom to promote student thinking, and how he or she is going to monitor student thinking and progress on a daily basis.  My thinking is supported from this weeks reading of Bransford, Brown & Cocking’s (2000) How People Learn.  I also pulled from other texts that I have read through out my teaching experience to further support my thoughts.


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